Om Mantra Meditation

Om Mantra Meditation–Sound of universe

Om is pronounced as OM or Aum. Om is considered as one of the most sacred mantras in Hinduism, Tibetan and Buddhism. It Is supposed that even when the universe did not exist there was a celestial sound of Aum is nothing but a state of Shunya (Nothingness). OM mantra meditation is most Powerful meditation.

OM Mantra — The Creator

The thought of Brahma that I am one but may become many got converted into vibrations. These vibrations got converted into the sound of Aum. From these vibrations, everything in the universe got into existence. Everything in this universe come into existence through the thoughts in the mind. Any invention takes place in mind only before taking the physical form.

So when you chant OM or Aum, the vibration of your chanting get correlated with the vibration of sound through which this universe was created. By chanting Aum properly, you become creator your own destiny and you will be able to manifest whatever you want. Therefore, Om mantra meditation is considered as most Powerful meditation.

OM or AUM– How to Pronounce

O in the om is diphthong (a combination of two vowels A and U) and hence normally OM is chanted as Aum

Our consciousness is supposed to be of Three states i.e waking state, dreaming state and sleeping state. A in Aum represents the waking state, U in Aum represent dreaming state and m in Aum represent Sleeping State.

A is the throat sound, M is the lip sound and U in between throat and lip which start from the back of the tongue and finish with rolling of Lips. After every M you feel a deep silence, the state of deep Sleep.

How to Chant

  1. Decide the time to chat the OM  mantra. Most suitable time for Om Mantra Meditation is before Sun Rise but you can choose your own time.
  2. Try to chant daily at the same time and same place.
  3. Sit straight. If you can not sit on the ground, you may sit on a chair. Your Spinal chord should be straight. If you are sitting on a chair then you must use the woollen blanket on the seat and also a woollen blanket below your feet or if you are sitting on the ground, you may use the Meditaion Mat
  4. Initially, start with a small period of time say 5 minutes and gradually increase the time.
    You may put the timer on so that your focus is on mantra and not on the clock, After few days your mind clock will start functioning and you will not need any timer.
  5. Now Keep your eyes closed and start breathing normally. For some time you must concentrate on your breathing.
  6. In OM Mantra Meditation, Au is to be pronounced for 2/3rd of total length and m for 1/3rd. This will come with practice. Normally people chant mmmm for a longer duration. Since A and U are blended together, You may chant like ooomm.
  7. Initially while chanting, concentrate on your third eye i.e the area between your eyebrows and slowly shift your concentration to Navel. Feel that the vibrations of AUM are initiating from Naval and spreading inside.
  8. After chanting AUM for the set period, keep the eyes closed for some time and feel the vibration sitting silently.
  9. Thereafter slowly rub your eyes and open them.

Benefits of Chanting Aum or OM Mantra Meditation

There are many benefits of Chanting Aum. Some of them are given below

  1. OM Mantra Meditation creates positive vibrations
  2. Chanting Aum or OM, you may become energetic, calm and peaceful.
  3. Aum Chanting helps in improving concentration.
  4. Chanting Aum clear the airways and open up sinus.
  5. Chanting Aum helps to calm your nervous system.
  6. It is the beginning of your spiritual Journey.
  7. As chanting Aum for some time bring calming effect, it may help controlling your blood pressure which is good for your heart
  8. OM Mantra Meditation has a positive effect on Thyroid

Chanting Aum Mantra –How to practice

You can start by playing Aum in the background using Sacred OM Mantra Meditations CD and chanting silently and along with the Mantra chanting, You can also use Natural 5 face 108 beads Rudraksha mala for jaap purpose  to count the mantra.

During Chanting of AUM, You must assure that none of your body parts is touching the ground or otherwise the energy generated during the meditation will be earthed and you will not achieve the benefit of meditation.


  1. I have heard about Om, and have attended meditations where the person leading the meditation chants OM. But I have never heard or read about OM being explained so well and so clearly as you have. Thank you!

    I now understand what OM is all about much more clearly. And I like your suggestions on how to pronounce it properly and how to practice it. Once again, thank you! I will now practice it better and with better understanding.

  2. Just wanted to say Hi and agree with Timotheus about what a well written and informative article this is, like them – I have been in meditations where someone has been chanted Om but had no idea of the meaning or power behind it. I will definitely be giving this a try – my main problem though is that I have 4 kids, so a.) finding time alone can be difficult and b.) I can imagine that chanting will draw there attention and they will want to stand and stare or just laugh at me!! Never the less I will give it a go – thanks. x

    • Thanks, Morris. OM mantra meditation is very useful. You can perform this early in the morning before your children are awake. Once you have formed the habit mantra can follow the rhythm of your breadths. You can practice this also. While breathing in you can chant silently ma ( mother ) and breathe out you may chant OM feeling the vibrations.

  3. You have explained the theory of om really well here. Precisely for those wondering and seeking. Well done

  4. Wow, I never realized the importance of the OM mantra! I practice yoga, but rarely do I meditate outside of yoga. It is very relaxing and centering. Thanks for the reminder that I should spend more time on meditations!
    Can’t wait for your next post!

  5. You did a great job explaining OM meditation. I look forward to learning more about it’s benefits.

  6. Thanks, Leah, I will soon be writing more on the topic.

  7. Thanks for helping me to gain new ideas about meditation.I will start doing meditation now onwards.

  8. Amazing things here. I am very satisfied to peer your post. Thanks so much and i’m taking a look ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

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